Don't be afraid to take a big step; you can't cross a chasm in two small jumps



Reading Capital – Archive of David Harvey’s online lecture series which formed the basis of, his most recent book, A Companion to Marx’s Capital.

Marxists Internet Archive – Comprehensive library of all the great Marxist works out of copyright.  Everything from Adorno to Zizek.

New Left Review – Website of the influential journal

Cahiers pour l’Analyse – French theory journal appering between 1966-1969 now available with synopses online and free

Marx and Philosophy Society – Engages with the philosophical and foundational aspects of Marx’s work.


Lacan Dot Com – Site with work from Zizek, J-AM, Badiou et al. Affiliated with Lacanian Ink as well as…

The Symptom – Sporadically compiled Online journal. Contributions from all the usual suspects.

Perfume -Lacan and Art


IJZS – International Journal of Zizek Studies,  online journal for all things Zizekian.  Contributions from Zizek, Johnston, Dean,…


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